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Legal Square Ltd have been the country's leading specialist credit vehicle hire company supplying Replacement SDP,Private and Public Hire Vehicles following a 'Non-Fault' accident.

We have an enormous amount of expertise in the Replacement Private and Public Hire Industry and this works well for taxi operators, drivers and insurance companies alike, offering a very fast and efficient service with a same day delivery to the client's front door.

From our central office in Manchester we can provide a replacement plated vehicle (Taxi) nationally within 24 hours of the accident occurring.

We successfully alleviate our clients from the strain of sourcing replacement plated vehicles due to our extensive fleet and professional assistance.


We curently work with some of the largest and most

successful Claim Managment Companies, Solicitors, Insurance Brokers and intermediaries in the country who use Legal Square's Credit Hire services as their prefered supplier of choice

Work Smarter - Not Harder!


0161 466 0167 & 0161 393 6202

Address: Unit 5C Midland Street, Manchester, M126LB

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm




Text...What is Credit Hire

Interestingly Credit Hire companies were established in the 2011 to give innocent drivers replacement vehicles on credit after an accident. Credit hire is a specific term many people may unaware despite it being an ordinary process in the insurance world. Following a road traffic accident, someone needs a replacement/credit hire vehicle while the own car is unroadworthy and/or being repaired. So what is the credit hire in actual sense? It's when a hire vehicle is given on credit, but rather than paying upfront for hire charges, the company giving the hire vehicle provides credit for the charges being accrued.


The company then seeks to recover its costs directly from the insurer of the person at fault for the accident. So in most cases, the individual who had the hire car never pays the bill. We can define credit hire services in different prospects, credit hire set up a shield to those who are guiltless martyrs not at fault accidents. They recover reimbursement of damages from the at-fault party insurance or certainly from their own.

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